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Currently in Saint Claire, it is mostly sunny today. The temperature is 57 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the south at 8 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.12 and falling, and the relative humidity is 66 percent. The dewpoint is 46 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius.) For more detail, see: http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=98501

It is currently 11:47 Pacific Time on Wed May 18 2016.

Currently the moon is in the waxing Gibbous (Galliard) Moon phase (79% full).

Caern: The Stone Firepit

A subtle undulation of the land forms an curious, natural spiral in the open ground. One side of the formation rises to create a half-circle or crescent of earth surrounding and encompassing the spiral. The ground is littered with rock and flagstones, both large and small. Someone has carefully gathered up a trove of these and erected a clear fire pit. Flagstones with smooth surfaces have been laid along the upper lip of half circle of earth around the fire pit, turning it into a nice seating area. All debris and flammable material's been removed from within the spiral, and a fire has been laid. Just beyond the spiral's edge, wood has been collected and piled for future use. Surrounding this, the rugged walls of the canyon have been half buried by the Wyld surge, making the upper slope of the valley more gentle than it was before. Stands of Douglas fir and white pines mix with hemlock, lodgepole pines, and western larch trees to fill much of the open space, but the trees here are not nearly as dense as they are in the surrounding forests of the bawn. The sparse woods allows a partial view of the sky, and both sun and moonlight filter down to create enigmatic and beautiful shadow patterns on the forest floor. That floor is blanketed with a thick, soft rug of shed pine needles, lichen and leaf debris. The moss-covered relics of old, dead trees occasionally mark a place where once great sentinels loomed above.

The caern expands in two directions from here. The escarpment wall and raised dais form one point of the new triangle, while the center of the caern and its gigantic, Wyld-influenced tree marks the other. The only obvious way out of the caern is the valley slope that leads to the central bawn.

Alicia gives a shake of her head. "I can read dreams and I can read /anything/ that is printed or spoken to me through a gift I picked up by way of spiritual favor. But I can't read his pack link. I have not heard of anyone that can do that."

Brings-the-Pack offers, "I could do that. It might provide some much-needed insight that the sept needs. Assuming there is a pack link Blue is using." He adds, "But working all this magick is becoming taxing and eating into my reserves."

Trace looks at the mage cat for a moment, and purses his lips. "Is there something we can do to help that?" the Walker asks.

There's no sound or sight that warns of approach, but a familiar voice calls from the direction of the trees. "Ahoy!" Thomas calls. "You folk alright with an approach?"

Rabbit is with Thomas, though keeps quiet.

A howl goes up, from a slightly different direction than Thomas' call. I'm coming as well. The owner of that howl being one Emma Mahler.

(OOC) To the caern, Alicia says "So what is the situation with Edgewood/bawn/woods. Are the spirals and wraiths still hanging about?"

(OOC) To the caern, Trace says "Pretty sure they're still at Edgewood?"

(OOC) To the caern, Thomas says "Yes. Edgewood is occupied, bawn/woods can't be considered safe on either side."

Thane gives a slow nod of his head towards Brings-the-Pack, with the Glabro'ed Alpha sitting by the fire and looking still a bit mangled but otherwise fine. "I don't know that it's mission critical right now to waste your energy." He says to the mage. "We can keep it on the backburner, but we'll see what information he offers first. Poking at pack links can earn the ire of not just the pack but the totem and we can't afford to piss off anyone else." Oh, and then there's a fox and company. He looks over to Thomas's arrival and remarks, "Long as you're not coming to kill us. We're booked up on those right now."

Trace glances over at the newcomers with a nod of greeting, and then looks to Thane before pushing to his feet. "I'm going back out to patrol," the Walker says, quietly. "I won't be too far."

(OOC) To the caern, Alicia says "Ok so when people are coming and going, what is the level of risk of them bumping into them?"

Thomas tips his hat as he steps into view; nothing about the man seems to have changed, he's still wearing that old duster and his usual array of practical, cowboy suggestive attire, though today he has a backpack slung over one shoulder. "Afternoon. Seems we got some trouble, so it ain't the best time for introductions, but when is it?"

(OOC) To the caern, Thomas says "The level of risk is what makes a good story, mostly. :) But it depends on from what direction people are coming. Entering near Edgewood is probably a very bad idea. But the Bawn's a big big place. Risk goes down the further from Edgewood/closer to the Caern one gets. So, basically, people should be careful and ONSen are open for running into trouble, but if someone just wants to get here to RP, that's fine."

Brings-the-Pack offers, "Unrestricted access to places of power other than the caern." He then addresses Thane. "Jacinta already granted me permission to do so, but the means by which I tap into them requires the use of magick. I would prefer to physically go there. To conserve energy. At least one of them, I understand, is in territory claimed by the Red Talons." He gives the fox shifters a nod as they both appear. Seems they already know one another.

Trace leaves the caern and disappears into the forests of the central bawn.
Trace has left.

As the grey wolf approaches, it slows and draws up through its forms to land in homid. A pink cheeked young woman replaces the lupus and she closes the distance to the others. After a quick glance around, and a brush of hair from her face Emma nods to Thane. "Got back soon as I heard. What needs doing?"

Rabbit has a backpack too, though it's much smaller and lighter, the kind with string for straps and a drawstring closure. She keeps close to the older Fox, eyes wide behind overhanging bangs.

A look of relief falls upon Alicia's face at the sight of Emma. She hops up to her feet and looks to snag her in a hug if it is welcomed. "Hey." She breathes out with a half grin. "Business as usual you know. Every five years we get attacked by the Wyrm. Right now we are just licking wounds and talking about next steps. Majority of the Queen's army has to be here, which may have left her exposed now and perhaps even un-manned. She threw the kitchen sink at us. If they are here and not there, if we have resources available, I was thinking the time to strike could happen while we keep these guys busy."

Here is a young woman who is built like a track star with shoulder length brown hair and matching brown eyes. Her skin borders on the slightly tanned due to being kissed from the sun from her outdoor activities. Alicia is of caucasian descent with a hint of peruvian mingled into her DNA. Her apparel tends to be a mix of urban streetwear in the form of loose fitted cargo pants and crop shirts, to long skirts with button down blouses. Fairly tall at five-eight, she looks to be a young woman who has seen her share of scraps, and radiates an aura of confidence and showmanship with how she walks. Under her shirts, her stomach has a number of hacksawed looking scars along her skin that criss-crosses around to her back and just under her breast.

"Being as there's only been one Talon recently," Thane remarks to Brings-the-Pack, "And that I haven't seen hide nor hair of him I can't think they can put up much argument. Is there a Garou you feel comfortable going with you? Then can howl for Earth-Whisperer to see if he is still present and can negotiate a visit, otherwise if the land is unoccupied then you are free to use it." Then to Thomas he's letting out a sigh. "If there is a day where there's not trouble, you can anticipate the next day will be worse. Who's this?" He asks with a tip of his head to Rabbit. In regards to Emma, well, he lets her digest what Alicia's told her first before getting to that question.

This looks like a human man, but one who's decidedly primitive. He's caucasian of skin tone with a faint swarthiness should he stay out in the sun long enough to catch a tan, though his body hair is thick and coarse, a dark brown. His bones are pronounced, giving him the appearance of leanness despite having a solid, even musculature that speaks of someone who's gained his athleticism through rounded activity versus focused weight training. His posture is hunched, though, slightly ape-like. His hair is a darkening brown and long and shaggy with pronounced facial hair. His eyes are an odd pale color like someone unevenly blended yellow and blue, held under thick pensive brows.

There is a look to him, the weight of something undefined. It's like looking into the eyes of a man who has seen terrible things and was never quite was the same after. It's even more haunting considering his blind right eye is surrounded by scars that looks like an attack from a bear. Usually, he's casually dressed but cleans up when the need calls. He's never seen among the normal public in anything but long sleeves regardless of the weather, underneath showing massive scarring on his forearms. They don't seem to restrict movement, but the oddly darkened scars are numerous like lightning bolts across his skin. Another deep slice runs at the upper portion of his abdomen.

Thomas looks toward Rabbit and gives her a meaningful nod, apparently letting her do the introduction.

Emma takes the hug and returns it with sincerity. "Yeah. Well it's not the whole army of them. Steel Angel is ... well, what's left of it- them... let's just say that the locale of their tower there? It IS the caern." At the question of who's this, the Get turns to face the others, and a look passes over the cougar with just a faint nod of greeting. "Thomas!" she exclaims. "Thought that was you I picked up scent of, but your traveling partner through me for a loop."

Rabbit looks back at Thomas, then takes a step away from him and draws herself up straight, hands behind her back. "I am Rabbit Digs Deep. I am Fox kit, Turtle-daughter." Does she seem a little intimidated? Could anyone blame her if so?

Thomas gives Emma a faint grin after Rabbit speaks. "Well she shouldn't, you two've met."

Brings-the-Pack nods to Thane. "I can make arrangements. Thank you." He then offers a similar nod of acknowledgement towards the newly arrived Emma. And then his gaze focuses in on the two fox shifters. Mostly Rabbit, though.

Alicia nods her head. "I think we counted about ... twenty spirals and about twenty of the wraiths. Though it looks like the coyotes and hummingbirds took out a fair number of spirals before cutting loose. Heh." She says as she gives an amused grin.

Thane regards Rabbit with deeper interest but he doesn't get up from where he's sitting. "Perhaps not the best time to be a young one, but we don't get to pick when we're born. Welcome to Gaia's world, Rabbit Digs Deep." A passing nod of acknowledgement is given to Brings-the-Pack before he turns to Emma and Alicia. "Well she hadn't been too interested in us versus keeping us out of her business and then we killed her pet mage. Now it's personal. Brings-the-Pack informed us Edgewood was targeted, so we knew it was coming and had everyone and anything of value out. The caern's next. So we either need to shore up here and wait for them to come for us or for us to go to the Queen."

Emma looks toward the newly introduced Rabbit and then brightens into a rather big smile. "Oh well hey there kiddo! Nice to officially meet you! I'm Emma. Or, going by other names, Heart of Fire. Hopefully Thomas' can fill you in more on me later." She looks to the elder Kitsune and gives him an expectant gaze. To Thane, she returns to being all business. "You talking moving back to reclaim Edgewood, or moving on their original territory? A little tit for tat?"

Wind-In-Her-Words arrives from the central bawn.
Wind-In-Her-Words has arrived.

Thomas grins at Emma a bit more, before he, too, turns business-like. "She's here to learn, so this's a learning experience. That said, hope you folk understand I ain't tossing her toward any fights. We ain't fighting sorts. Pretty fragile really. And no Fox magic yet." Yet. "But she's got eyes, ears, and legs to run away with, so that's where we're starting." He sets his backpack down. "And seeing as things've gone even more sour, here I am. What do you need? Wouldn't dream of stepping on Feathers' toes, but I got some tricks I ain't shown yet."

"One thing we could use," Thane remarks. "Is a way to get around or null that damned gift of theirs to hide themselves and anyone in their personal bubble in blackness. That cripples us and leads to too much friendly fire. No matter which fight we take on, that will help tremendously if it's even possible. As for the fights.. Edgewood's just a house. On tactically useful land, yes, but otherwise not valuable. Do we know if the Queens have ever shown themselves in the assaults on the caerns? If there's a strong chance she'll come here, then we can consolidate forces and just spend our energy getting ready to fight them on home turf. Otherwise, we either go right for her or spend some extra time clearing the forces at Edgewood and then going for her."

Rabbit echoes quietly, "Eyes, ears, legs." She smiles a little back at Emma, though Thane, it seems, remains intimidating. Looking around, she notices Brings-the-Pack and brightens noticeably.

Brings-the-Pack suggests, "It might be best to not bother reclaiming Edgewood, as the enemy already knows its location, making it easy to attack again in the future. It is," he concurs with Thane, "just a house." He asides to Thane, "I may be able to negate the effects of that gift. Garou gifts are merely a rigid form of magick. All magick can be unworked given time and energy. Does one of the garou here know the same gift? I could practice negating it."

Wind-In-Her-Words listens quietly as she watches the others. She's silent, not daring to speak up for the moment from her spot to the side.

Towering up over nine and a half feet, the white furred body is mingled with the occasional grey area ears, muzzle and limbs. Bright brown eyes are set above a muzzle full of sharp teeth. Broad shoulders lead to powerful arms and sharp clawed hands. Her torso is slim, but muscular, the white fur adding just a hint of softness. Wide hips lead down to powerfully built legs.

Alicia gives a nod of her head. "Yes, that fucking gift they have. Shroud I believe. How the hell do their cliaths get ahold of something so freaking powerful in the first place? It's cheesy." She blows out a loud breath of frustration. "Every time they attack the Caern, you can predict every move they make. They lob up that gift. They fire upon us from a distance with silver. We hold back until they run out of bullets, they rush in, we fight them off blindly, then we run. I would say it is starting to get boring if it wasn't so damn terrifying."

"Bit beyond me," Thomas admits, though he does nod in Brings-the-Pack's direction as the mage-cat offers. "There ain't anything left at Edgewood that's important, is there?"

Rabbit hunkers down into a squat, sitting on her heels. She's quite but obviously attentive to the grown-ups' talk.

"I've not fought any of them that were utilizing that trick. Is it invisibility, or an area of total obscurity?" She shifts her weight then, thoughtful, "One thing to be mindful of, leaving them to Edgewood, is that it gives them a base of operations in between what we want to protect still, and what we want to attack. We cut ourselves off from both points."

Thane considers the mage's question and scratches at his jaw while he things. "See the Uktena. If anyone's adopted Spiral gifts for their own, I'd say the tribe who makes magic their business may know. It's an extremely common gift among the Spirals. Essentially it's a ball of shadow, but impenetrable in or out by sight save by those who know it." He gives a nod of his head to Emma, "It does, but we're working with vastly smaller numbers. We have to pick our battles very carefully. We can't divide ourselves on several fronts or risks lives needlessly. That's why we need to determine if the Queen herself is coming here or if we have to go for her."

"It's an Uktena Gift," Thomas says, with a vague frown. "You've got that one backwards."

"We only leave our pride there." Wind in Her Words speaks. "But if that's really what their tactics are. Then why don't the Ragabash team up to flank them and find a weak spot? We should be able to sneak around behind them, they seem cocky enough to let that happen."

Emma nods back to Thane. "Fair enough, and I'm not saying we should divide our forces. I'm saying they've cut off a supply line so to speak. We decide to move on the tower, we've no buffer left between there and our caern. Whatever forces they can leave at Edgewood, have a nice short trip to the jackpot. As for the Queen." She shakes her head, "At no point did Steel Angel's queen ever show up to fight herself. We don't even have a report of any one /seeing/ one of the queens. So for her to come directly for us? That'd be a first."

Brings-the-Pack pushes to all fours, preparing to depart. "I will see about finding an Uktena who knows the gift, then. Perhaps Little Silvertip, if she is around and available."

Thane shoots a look towards the Wendigo with a sharp snarl. "From what I'm hearing, accusing someone else of being cocky is not what should be coming out of your mouth." At that point though, a massive grey wolf, Rules-Without-Fear, steps up to the edge of the caern. With a murmured excuse and a glance to Wind-In-Her-Words with a 'we will be talking' expression he moves to go address his packmate with a quickly spoken, "Excuse me." to the gathered.

"I believe I have seen her." Alicia says to Emma as she watches Thane and Brom head off through the woods. "You want to see for yourself?"

Thomas tilts his head, openly curious. "I sure wouldn't mind a glimpse myself," he admits. "'Scuse a second." He turns toward Rabbit, and...talks? It's words, maybe, but a language unlikely anything any of them have heard, and it's interspersed with what might be Japanese (but is still incomprehensible), and odd chirrups and squeaks.

Wind-In-Her-Words glares at Thane and his words for a moment but clamps her mouth shut and looks away quickly.

Rabbit looks up at Thomas, nods, and hops to her feet, shifting from girl to fox in a blink and vanishing off into the nearby woods.
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