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It is currently 17:42 Pacific Time on Tue Nov 1 2016.

Currently in Saint Claire, it is raining lightly. The temperature is 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the south at 14 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.96 and steady, and the relative humidity is 90 percent. The dewpoint is 51 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius.) For more detail, see: http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=98501

Currently the moon is in the waxing New (Ragabash) Moon phase (12% full).

Bawn: The Sept Compound(#2075RAM)

Sweeping branches of evergreen pines form a sort of natural roof overshadowing most of this clearing. In the center is a fire pit with several old logs polished from use for seats. A separate stack of firewood is discreetly piled up at the base of an old spruce, protected from the damp by a tarp. At the edge of the clearing and extending back a bit into the woods resides a rough wooden structure with a slate tile roof. A stone slab rests off to one side of the clearing in a place of some prominence. Nestled in among the pines are a few hardy perennials--red alder, quaking aspen, and a big leaf maple or two--that, come spring, will create a profusion of color in the clearing.

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A faint trail leads off to the east, and a bit north.

Almost a week has passed since the sept felled the Queen and her forces, a week in which they've been licking their wounds and working to rebuild their home. The new moon's absence is covered by the dreary and drizzling skies, but the howls to gather go out all the same. At the compound, the fire is built up to a bonfire to light the forest and drive away the wet chill. In his Crinos form, sounding a howl to gather, is Thane Consumes-Shadows. The Lord looks whole from his deadly wounds gained in the fight, though absent a bit of hair on his torso that's still growing back in.

Standing not too far from the main trail, his back against a tree, Nolan runs fingers through his hair, removing the damp strands from his forehead. He, too, looks well, though that isn't a surpise to anyone who encountered him after the battle.

Salem arrives in wolf form, gives himself a brisk shake at the edge of the clearing, and then reverts to human as he approaches the fire. The young halfmoon's expression is decidedly neutral, his manner casual.

Nothing quite like the combination of cool temperatures, piddling rain, and a wall of humidity to bring on a celebratory spirit. But while the weather could be *slightly* better than it is, Monica, at least, is quick to arrive at the sound of the howl. Armed with a large paper bag that promptly gets shuffled off into the entrance of one of the open shelters, she offers nods to both Salem and Nolan in greeting, Thane given a curious (but brief) appraisal not long after.

At first glance, there isn't a great deal about this woman that clamors for attention. That appears to be by design, however, as her features are generally attractive: a subtly angular face with high cheek bones, steel blue eyes conservatively accented with dark eyeliner, and a darker complextion denoting some Sicilian (or possibly Greek) heritage, all of it complimented by black, short-cropped hair that's parted to one side. In short, she'd probably clean up nicely.

That goes for her wardrobe, as well, but she doesn't appear to see anything wrong with it (and, really, why would she?). Clearly something of a tomboy (though 'butch' might be the more age-appropriate description for a woman in her mid-30's), she wears an untucked, button down, olive drab flannel, the sleeves rolled up to her biceps. Under that is a sleeveless white shirt that, though clean, has clearly seen better days, the material just form-fitting enough to give the impression of a decently athletic physique. Continuing the motif is a faded pair of jeans, the cuffs of which are tucked into a pair of black workboots that ride up to the lower slopes of her calves.

But while the clothing - offset by a single platinum hoop in her right ear, and a dash of subtle lipstick - is largely worn and weathered, the occasional smudge of oil that failed to come out in the morning wash a nod to what's most likely a blue collar profession, she clearly puts enough time into grooming and overall cleanliness to make a decent impression, even if it may not be a lasting one.

Brings-the-Pack has arrived a little on the early side, perched in a seated position on one of the taller evergreen branches up above the meeting's location, keeping him out of reach of any suddenly irate garou. He's quiet, perhaps easily overlooked from his vantage point, though his long cougar-tail twitches on occasion, making his presence more noticeable to the less-attentive.

Slug lurks not far from Salem, likely in Glabro, judging by the way his form fills out the hooded poncho he's wearing. The Gnawer scratches at his hairy forearms and leans forward on a downed treelimb he's claimed in the name of propping himself up.

Karin arrives with Monica, dressed in typical street clothes, but with the red hooded cloak she returned from the Umbra in worn over them in case the weather should take a turn for the worse. She takes a moment to study Nolan's knees, as if she'd see any sign of injury even if one were there, before offering him a wave. Salem she doesn't appear to recognize in his youthful human form. Brings-the-Pack gets a curious look and a wave as well, but even if she may want to go say hello and pester him with questions, it's not really the time for that. Others that she knows also get polite greetings as the group gathers.

There is an ethereal quality to this young woman. She appears to be in her late teens, and stands perhaps an inch or two over five feet tall. Almost painfully thin, her skin is pale, almost ivory, accented by pastel blue eyes that often have a faraway look about them. Even her dark brown hair, which falls just below her shoulders, could almost have been done in watercolors.

Her attire is unusual to say the least. She wears a sleeveless tunic and trousers of white gossamer embroidered with subtle stellar iconography, with a special emphasis on the moon and its phases. A plain blue sash of a similar material wraps her waist, and her feet are clad in sandals. Over this, she wears a hooded cloak that appears to be a deep rose and crimson material similar in texture and appearance to velvet, clasped with a silver-colored brooch engraved with a stylized Athenian owl.

Consumes-Shadows waits for the assortment of Garou and mage-cats to arrive. The Alpha looks calmer than he has in awhile, which isn't saying much on an Ahroun but it's something. ~Good evening.~ He calls out as he makes his way to the stone slab to stand there. ~For once, I'm pleased to say we can gather and not discuss war plans. We were victorious!~ He roars out. ~The Queen is dead. Her followers are dead. Word has it that Los Angeles and New York finally have a few sparks of hope thanks to our actions. And we did it without a single one of our numbers lost or even scarred. You have every reason to be proud of your accomplishments.~

Ghost arrives quietly, minus the scoped rifle she's been carting around for months. There's a certain narrowness to her eyes, but it's the only bit of her expression that's all that readable. No surprise, she hangs back, a few feet apart from the gathered.

Lounging near a tree is Alicia as she watches the guests come to the caern. She is currently handing out S'more treats to everyone that drops by, giving a warm, motherly smile as she goes. "Happy halloween, even if it was yesterday." She says now and again. As Thane goes into his speech, she lets out a loud whistle between her fingers. "Here, here!"

Briari is sitting on an overturned log, bobbing her head now and again as she gives a wave to Salem and Mouse. She folds her hands into her lap to listen to the Alpha speak, staring at him intently.

Three From Ashes slinks out of the woods in lupus, all of her bizarre features on full display. She draws up roughly even with Salem before settling back onto her haunches, ears splayed, tongue lolling. Briari gets an acknowledging sniff and an ear flick, as does Slug; overall, she seems to be in a decent mood.

Salem nods back to those who've greeted him, with an extra for Brings-the-Pack, who he's just spotted up a tree. He smiles a little at Thane's speech and folds his arms across his chest.

Slug rubs the scarred side of his face on the rough bark of the broken branch held between his hands, and yawns. "I'm too tired to be proud," he half-mumbles, voice made rough by Glabro vocal cords. "I'll do it later."

Monica stands by Karin as the speech commenses, a quick glance afforded to Alicia as the Galliard chimes in, a faint halfsmile making a short appearance, her attention returning to Thane in short order.

Nolan wipes his face with his forearm again, and then lifts the hand as if waving a flag. "Wooo!" he says, though it may lack the appropriate volume for a true cheer.

"Well done, garou," the cougar in the tree above offers in a feline-accented english. "Well done, indeed."

Consumes-Shadows lets out at huff at the overall lack of exuberant enthusiasm, maybe even seeming a bit disappointed. ~You're a Garou, Slug. You can be tired when you're dead.~ He looks back across the gathering. ~All of you are deserving of great renown. This was a battle we've fought for years now. I would also like to offer the thanks of the sept to our allies - Memories-of-the-Dead, Turtle-Stands-Last, and Brings-the-Pack. Without them, we may not have been nearly so fortunate. While I can now say we're no longer at war, we do still have work to do. Edgewood is a mess, so any help you can offer there is appreciated.~

Briari lifts up a hand and gives it a quick wave as her large gold bracelets bounce about her wrists. "I have a blank check already written out. You just let me know how much it will cost and I will cover all expenses. I can even get a team of contractors out here to do most of the heavy lifting from Atlanta. All kin and family from my side."

Three From Ashes rumbles. She is no good at heavy work, but her tribe as a whole would also like to offer any ~financial~ help the edge house might need. They have a ~fund~ for this sort of thing. She will also help in any necessary Cleansings of the area.

Salem scratches his nose and is about to speak up when Briari does, and then Mouse. He pushes his hands into the pockets of his hoodie and asks, instead, "Are we keeping the place, then?"

Ghost looks from one Garou to the other as they speak. For her part, she stays quiet.

"I can pass on the thanks to Memory, the next time I see her," Slug says, leaning in a bit. He tips his head at Brings-the-Pack, then chops his lips.

"We've done plenty of clean-up on it already," Monica says to Salem. "Be a shame to let it all go to waste." To Briari (and to some extent, Three From Ashes), though she turns her attention to Thane, she says, "Best we can do right now is jury-rig a fix for the foundation. The cash infusion and labor'll take care of the rest in no time."

~Thank you, Glass Walkers.~ Consumes-Shadows says towards Three From Ashes and Briari. ~I will leave your tribe to find someone to do the needed inspections and repairs. We will keep the house if it is feasible to do so, but the history of losing our safehouses does bring the consideration of having a secondary universal safehouse somewhere safer that we can move and hide. But that will come later. Now that we have a moment of peace too, if there are any Garou who have any concerns, challenges, or otherwise to address then do so.~

"Seems to me," Nolan pipes up, taking a step toward the rest, "that we aren't exactly done, yet. There's a kin still to be found, and a rock to be talked to."

"I can also take a look over at Kents Crossing. I know they had some abandoned houses near the woods and one of those may work if it's far enough away from most of the neighbors. Even if we just buy it to use it as storage for supplies." Alicia says as she gives a few plucks of dust off her shoulder, then sprinkles it to the side.

Monica glances at Karin, then back at Thane. She opens her mouth to reply, but Nolan's there with his own concerns. Unlike the last time this happened, she quiets.

Salem looks over at Nolan and raises eyebrows. "Which kin's this?"

Ghost stands up a little straighter.

"Peter," Slug pipes up, without lifting his head.

"I can track Peter, though Renegade made it quite clear that if we went after him, he would not be happy and consider it war." Briari says as she leans back against the log, then shifts her weight to straddle it. "At the time, it was either go after Peter, risk losing a bunch of us, and then gaining two enemies, or take the queen out first, which we did, then circle back to Peter and see if there is value in recovering him. He was already brainwashed by the Queen and forced to do her bidding. Not sure if that goes away when she dies, but Renegade spoke about deprogramming him, which most likely means brainwashing him again for his side." Her nose wrinkles upwards. "Personally, I would love to get him back, but I don't know what we'd be getting back. Is the risk worth it?"

"Peter," Nolan agrees with a nod toward Slug, and once Briari finishes, he gives his own version. "The kin who was asked to do some on-site scouting at the tower, was taken by the wraiths and queen, "rescued" by the Black Spiral Dancer group out of Seattle, and, as I understand it, still held by them." He actually uses air quotes around the word.

Three From Ashes's ears flick back, and she looks sidelong at Salem.

Pack> Three From Ashes says "What the fuck is all of this?"

Salem goes very still, his expression stony.

Karin looks to Monica and gives a faint smile as she places a hand on her chest briefly, then returns to waiting, given the current topic of conversation.

Ghost's jaw tightens. She shifts her weight a little, but goes still again without saying anything.

Pack> Kavi says "?"

Pack> Salem says nothing, just leaks anger all over the pack link.

Slug sucks in a breath through his pointed teeth, one cheek bunched up as if he were worrying his tongue.

Three From Ashes pushes up from her sit, rising into hispo as she does so. She looks no less strange, but she's certainly...larger. ~There is always value in recovering someone they take,~ she says in a quiet, but firm and carrying rumble. ~What we can do for him afterwards is going to have to depend on his situation, but take it from someone who knows,~ she shows a bit of tooth, ~We don't leave our own behind.~

Pack> Slug says "There was an agent in the mix that was... hm. Unrecovered."

Pack> Three From Ashes is angry, but it's a sort of slow boil, mixed with absolute certainty.

"Then let's make a plan, execute the plan, and evaluate the plan." Briari says to Three from Ashes and Nolan, giving a nod of her head. "I'll do my thing and track him out, get a pinpoint on his location, entrances, exits and body counts, then we will create our strategy." She says with a thumb's up to her Elder. "Cool beans?"

Nolan seems to do a doubletake at what Mouse says, looking again to Briari and then back to the Glass Walker elder, anger simmering.

What little good cheer Consumes-Shadows has turns off like a light switch. He curls up one corner of his lip as he speaks, ~And Renegade still has him. I have confirmation he is alive and I have spoken to him. Before we went to the Tower, I spoke to Renegade. Renegade feels that Peter should have the choice if he wishes to return to us for fear of us just killing him on principle of being compromised. Obviously bullshit, but like this or not, I had to take priorities into account. Peter knew the risks when he went in. He was not forced, he volunteered. Had I fought Renegade, that Tower battle would have been *much* worse. We were in no position to battle the Queen and a Hive. I would not lose the war for a battle, even if it was over a kin's life. That sounds cruel and it is, but so is our life. Now that the battle is over and we're healed, I can press the point to get him back. If I make a greater enemy of Renegade now then so be it, but then we wouln't be fighting two enemies at once.~

Salem looks skyward, his jaw set in barely repressed anger.

Pack> Salem says "Gaia forbid we make a greater enemy of a /Black Spiral Dancer/."

Pack> Kavi reacts to the anger with confusion, but as he gains the pieces, his own anger joins the mix.

Alicia clears her throat. "And now that the Queen is dead, I feel that it would be worth the opportunity to negotiate him back first and if that does not work, then we end Renegade and those who will follow him. I am sure that he will not sit idly by, but strike when there is opportunity for him to do so. I want to get Peter back. He's one of us and it's the right thing to do."

Pack> Slug speaks with the voice of someone pondering something and replying from down the hallway. "I don't like Thane," he says. "But I don't think he was really wrong.

Three From Ashes looks at Briari out of one large, yellow eye, while her ears twist to the Walker Ragabash, then to Thane. ~No,~ she says, after a moment. ~No solo scouting. This needs a team. Perhaps more transparency overall.~ She turns both eyes to Thane. ~I understand what you're saying, but I think I should emphasize that there is no such thing as a greater or lesser enemy when it comes to them, just which one is closer to having their teeth in your throat. We should take him back, and then we should do what we can to help him.~ Then to Alicia. ~Negotiate?~ She says that word as though it tastes foreign to her.

"Yes, by all means," Nolan offers. "What shall we give up in our negotiations? What do we give to the Black Spiral Dancer who already holds our kin to entice him to release the man to us?"

Pack> Three From Ashes says "Why the hell is Briari involved?"

Frederick is watching the exchange, sitting on his heels at a strangely rigid position, motionless, only his eyes moving from one to the other as the discussion unfolds. He relaxes just slightly as Thane speaks before those steel blue eyes of his wander on. But apparently even he knows better than to speak his mind, or there is nothing on it, at least he remains quiet.

"Yes, negotiate. As in, we ask him very politely to give him back since we did our part in getting rid of the Queen so that he can have control back over his hive. If not, then we kill him. I think that is a fair compromise. His life for our kin." Alicia says simply as she picks at her fingernails. "You got a problem with that?" She fires back to Nolan.

Ghost's dark eyes continue to flick between the speakers, and they narrow faintly. She takes a very small, single step back so that the tree she's nearest is also a little in front of her.

Karin stays silent through this exchange. She's never met the man, nor had she returned when he was sent into the tower, so she's hardly going to second guess any decisions that were made at the time.

"Not his monkeys, not his circus," Monica says under her breath. "Little hard to tell by looking, though, isn't it?"

Nolan laughs at Alicia's suggestion, shaking his head when she turns her ire on him. "Just raising questions," he says in a tone that would be disarming if it weren't for the laugh still underneath. "If killing him is on the table? If that's an option at all? Doesn't the litany say we need to do that, whether he gives the kin back or not?"

Salem speaks very evenly, a thin facade of calm over intense anger. "Considering we apparently needed his /help/ or at least his /inaction/ in order to take out the Queen, why would he fear us now? He's the leader of the Seattle Hive. They've spent over a decade laughing at us. He's very likely laughing at us now."

Slug , being what he is, responds to Nolan with a light argument. "It says to combat the Wyrm, fighting something doesn't always mean killing it." He turns his head ever-so slightly in Salem's direction. "Ragabashes tend to do that."

Consumes-Shadows folds fingers in on themselves until talons are pressed against his palms. The Ahroun is breathing slowly and his posture is particularly still. Dangerously so. ~Fianna, if by all means you wish to gather an army, march into Seattle, demand they give us our kin and then commence to kill them all then you go right ahead. Do you think I LIKE working with a Spiral, to watching them all but gloat to my face I have no power to negotiate over a kinfolk because otherwise we risk an entire hive coming down on our very very few heads?~

"They can laugh all they want, how many times have they tried to take this from us and how many times have they failed? Fuck Seattle and fuck Renegade." Alicia spits out angrily as she narrows her eyes. "Those pussies haven't done shit in twenty years besides get lucky, just for us to rally back. We did what /he/ could not do. We took out the Queen. We brought an end to these fucking protests and we disrupted whatever it is she was trying to do in the long run. We are /legends/ and whether he likes it or not, he knows that now. We did what the Green could not do. We did what the Steel Angel could not do." She says with a pump of her fists against the air. "So, let them laugh! We are fucking /legends/, even if it is just for one night. In the end, we will have the last laugh. Either he coughs up Peter, or he coughs up blood." She rumbles out. "Can we at least all agree on that?"

Pack> Three From Ashes has a sudden spike of intense anger of her own at the mention of the Green.

Nolan opens his mouth, closes it, and jabs a finger to point vehemently at Alicia while staring directly at Thane.

Salem twitches, very visibly. And then he simply walks out of the compound.

"Technically," Monica says, mildly, "*he* can," nodding at Nolan. "He's not officially a part of the sept; he's a free agent. If he goes in and gets killed over someone who he has a clear investment in but-- doesn't. Which is odd," she shrugs, "but all right." Pulling a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket, she lights one up, and continues on to say: "Anyway, sorry, I think I interrupted the usual barrage of questions." She breathes out the first drag of smoke. "Don't mean to be impertinent."

Three From Ashes's ears twist back and flatten, and for a few brief moments her teeth show and the fur along her misshapen spine prickles noticeably. ~...This argument isn't helping,~ she says flatly, with some visible effort. ~No one likes working with them, but what's done is done and at least for the moment,~ her gaze sweeps the gathered Garou. ~Our priority is Peter. We can throw shade and blame and pat ourselves on the backs once we've got him back.~

Pack> Salem swallows a frenzy, makes a vague terse remark about not wanting to actually kill Thane.

Pack> Three From Ashes wordlessly expresses empathy; she's still pretty angry, but it's well under control on her end.

Pack> Three From Ashes says "...But for the fucking record, Sept of the Green took the damn brunt of this fight."

Brings-the-Pack eyes the various, often headed conversation participants with curious, varying cants of his ears. He stays out of the verbal fray. Completely.

Briari clears her throat and says, "Just let me know what you need me to do. I'm on team unity." She says, "Maybe Nolan, Slug and I can work together on something, put our new moon noggings together."

Frederick's eyes keep moving from one to the other until Alicia speaks, and his head actually starts to move to face her, lips curling into a smile as she speaks, a mix of surprise and even amusement crossing his face, giving way to a toothy grin eventually as he says "Fuck yeah, finally someone's talking." He pauses. "Really didn't think it'd be you, to be honest." He flips his heels back to stand from his crouched sitting position. "Nobody steals a kin from us. That guy has two choices. Come back and we'll find out whether he's a traitor or stay and eliminate any possible doubt."

Consumes-Shadows looks at Nolan like he strongly fighting the desire to just string him up like the first Christmas lights of the season. ~Oh look, the Cliath is capable of listening and being quiet. I haven't met yet with Renegade because I wanted to be sure all my guts were back in place, so that if he refuses to release Peter to me, then I can outright remove his. I am done with his games. I don't need his cooperation now. So I will give my answer once I speak to him again. So how about we move on before I waste my Rage.~

Ghost crosses her arms over her chest very tightly, and stares daggers into the ground.

Pack> Three From Ashes says "...Slug?"

Pack> Slug grunts questioningly.

Pack> Three From Ashes says "Work with Briari on this. And Nolan if you can. Any Ragabash with experience. It needs to be a team effort, not some damn solo nonsense. ...But if you can, find out how the fuck Briari got involved in the first place. If she's been talking to the Hive Leader of Seattle, I want to know about it. Even words can be dangerous, especially when you're young."

Alicia gives a nod of her head. "I agree. Look, tonight is about celebration and revel. We should have our arms up in cheer rather than muzzles at our throats. We are not each other's enemy. Let's all take a deep breath, then let it all out and party! We worked hard for this moment and we deserve the chance to have fun, even for one night before we go back to work tomorrow." She says as she motions to the s'mores.

"My point," Nolan starts, shoving his hands into the pocket of his hoodie. He pauses long enough to cast a glare toward Frederick, and then returns to the others. "Since apparently the questions didn't get us there, is that we have _no_ leverage for bargaining, and we are _not_ a threat to the Seattle hive. So ask, but you've asked before, and you have no reason to believe you'll get a different answer. Or come up with a different plan."

Slug sits up a bit straight as the Galliard speaks, but halts just shy of lifting his head up to look at anyone in particular. His mouth moves without words, then settles into a thin scar of a smile.

"No leverage," Monica says, "no bargaining, superior numbers, no threat to them, *and* advocating for a rescue mission that would be read as an act of war?" She looks to Nolan. "Are you even listening to yourself?"

Three From Ashes's jaws part, but close before she says anything. There's that visible prickle of temper about her, and she glances toward Slug.

Pack> Slug says "I... have some knowledge that I choose not to share right now. Maybe later."

Pack> Three From Ashes says "...Wow, you just made me feel about ten times more leery about this thing than I already was."

Pack> Kavi's rising anger has begun to subside, but he responds to Slug's words with curiosity and not a small amount of dread.

Consumes-Shadows leaves the stone slab and moves with resolute purpose towards Nolan, the fur from the back of his neck to the base of his tail hackled. ~It is the nature of Ragabash to find questions in everything, so I will make this plain so you don't get confused.~ He looks down at the Fianna, lips peeled back from the full array of his teeth. ~You are dangerously close to insulting not only someone several ranks above you but also the Sept Alpha. So Shut. Up. Cliath.~

Pack> Brings-the-Pack: "Hello. Friendly neighborhood warper joining in here. Unless you don't want me, in which case I'll bow out. I'm curious as to how you all are taking current events. Is Nolan being a raging ass here? Or is it just me?"

Ghost abruptly goes very still, digs her fingers into her arms, and /stares/ at the ground. Then she jerks her head up, makes a noise that's something of a hiss, and spits right where she was staring, before twisting away from the tree with a sudden force and energy that can only be fueled by her own temper. The direction is toward Thane and Nolan, though it's not clear if her steps will actually carry her all the way.

Pushing off her feet, Alicia moves to intercept Ghost and step in front of her path, her eyes narrowing. "This isn't your fight. You need to back off and take a seat." She says in a rumbling voice as she shoots up into the crinos form. ~I just said that tonight is about celebration. Do not make it worse.~

Pack> Three From Ashes: ~To my mind, he seems to be the only one who isn't. ...Much. What the hell is going on here?~ It might just be the confusion and temper of the moment, but she doesn't seem to mind the intrusion just now.

Monica immediately straightens, looking damn near ready to do the same as Alicia, though the Galliard's interruption holds that at bay. She quiets, watching the two carefully, looking damn well ready to intervene if need be.

Slug stands up straight with his tree branch held in both hands. He glances at Three, then off toward the Alpha and the Fianna. "Well." He coughs. "Everyone here's about two beats from pulling a knife and arguing things out in blood, which won't really help anyone, especially not Peter. Maybe everyone ought'a pack it in until the half-moon-" he stops, looking at Salem. "Or on another moon." He raises his voice a little more. "No one's going to convince anything of anything tonight. Everyone's too pissed off. Sleep on Peter. No matter what's decided, he ain't getting saved tonight."

Pack> Slug says, not at all bothered by the intruder, ~Cliaths do that, Ragabash do that. The problem with pouring salt in someone's wounds is that you tend to get blood on you.

A flash of stone cold rage is visible in Nolan's own eyes as the alpha bears down on him. His lips part and it's an uncertain thing for a moment whether there will be a frenzy or another jibe directed at the Shadow Lord. "If these shadows do offend," he says, finally breaking away to look aside.

Pack> Salem is notably silent, though obviously still present in the pack link even if he isn't physically at the moot.

~YOU are no shadow.~ The Lord spits but he doesn't strike out physically at the Fianna. ~Be thankful the Litany you so love to cite is keeping me from tearing out your throat.~ He jerks himself around to head back to where he way, teeth gritting. ~Before we call an end to this, does anyone else have anything else they'd like to address?~

"Yes, actually," Monica says. "Probably seems like a whole lot of nothing by comparison, but it's something that needs to be addressed."

Ghost is forced to a stop as Alicia suddenly bars her way. The look she gives the Child of Gaia is a strange one. Potent anger, sure, but also hungry, almost rabid. It holds for a few seconds, and she gives a jerk of her shoulders as Thane responds to Nolan, but then the whole mess seems to practically slide off her face, not just contained, but utterly banished.

Staring back at Ghost, Guards-The-Flame is resolute in her posture as her arms are loose at her sides. She gives a twitch of her nose as her ears swivel back to the Sept leader. She takes in a deep breath and turns, lumbering back over to take her position at the Shadow Lords's side, perhaps as a sign of unity and camaraderie. With a tilt of her head to the Black Fury, she gives a nod of her head, motioning with her paw to continue.

Pack> Three From Ashes seems generally disgusted about the goings on now, but she's cooling as Monica changes the topic. ~Citing the Litany and the ignoring it is not following the Litany.~

This time, Nolan manages to keep his tongue, though he does raise an eyebrow at Thane before he returns to his spot at the edge of the clearing.

Ghost watches, expressionless, as Guards-the-Flame moves to join Consumes-Shadow. Then she turns on her heel and moves back in the direction that she came.

Salem reappears at the edge of the clearing and stays there at the treeline, hands shoved deep into his hoodie pockets and expression dark.

Consumes-Shadows remains quiet and still as he breathes slowly and deep to get control back over his anger. He looks to Monica with the impression of waiting for her to speak.

Three From Ashes turns her head as Salem returns. With a glance and an ear-flick toward the others, she moves off to join him again.

Pack> Brings-the-Pack: (from the mystery-guest-who-feels-of-heat-when-he-communicates)> "I wanted to give you all a heads up that I'll likely be asking about being granted territory in a bit, provided tempers cool off a little and it seems feasible to do so. If the answer is 'no' because I'm not a garou, then I'd like to talk to you all about perhaps partnering with me on a territory claim in the future."

Noting the gesture Guards gives, Monica nods, and turns back to Thane. "It's about the leadership among the Furies," she says. "Charlene's-- absent, at best. AWOL, at worst. Speaking frankly - no disrespect intended - tracking her down was an unnecessary obstacle course that any incoming Furies shouldn't have to deal with. Karin and I have spoken about it, and given that we've seen no sign of her for the past few months, we'd like a change in leadership. Someone incoming Furies can turn to when they're looking to introduce themselves to the tribe." She pauses. "Seeing as both Karin and I are Cliaths, however, and that Karin's stated her priorities lie elsewhere, this isn't easy. That said-- with the understanding that I'd be making a challenge for Fostern in the near future, I'm asking to assume that responsibility. For now, I'd just be a representative-- and I'll be happy to cede the position to any ranking Fury that arrives, and has the 'credentials' to take over."

Pack> Three From Ashes pages: How long, do you think, is polite before challenging again? --Wait, territory?

Briari lets out a noisy air of frustration from her spot on the log, followed by a hand running back through her thick tangly blonde hair. Her shoulders rise and fall in defeat. She looks visibly upset.

Pack> Kavi seems a bit uncertain about the stranger in the link, and confused by both his comments and Mouse's.

Pack> Slug does the Ragabash thing, and asks, "Why?

Slug takes a few steps back and settles on his stick, hunched over and tired looking. His face flattens out again, still as a pond, as if his mind is elsewhere.

Ghost settles back near the tree she was at before, expression still blank. She folds her arms over her chest again.

Consumes-Shadows flicks an ear as he listens and utters a low, considering noise. His eyes turn towards Salem as the Walker returns and he says in a voice largely flatlined with stamped down emotions. ~As the Master of Challenge isn't here, and last I knew you were standing in when that was the case, what do you say as Charlene is not present to accept the challenge?~

Nolan looks up, eventually, but only briefly regards the Fury. Most of his attention is reserved for Ghost.

Salem glances at Monica as she speaks; his surly, simmeringly angery mood hardly seems to change. Then he looks up at Thane, and after a beat, says, "She's not here, eldership of her tribe goes to whoever claims it." He glances back at Monica. "You'd hardly be the first or even second cliath elder this Sept has seen."

Three From Ashes drops into a sit next to Salem, and then slides down further, tucking one front paw inward and curling her long, unnatural tail about her feet. In this form, it still leaves her nearly his height.

Pack> Brings-the-Pack: "Yes, territory. I would like a place of power to work from, as they make it easier to perform more difficult and complex magicks. And I doubt that sort of thing would be welcome at the caern. The earthen bowl in the bawn would do nicely, is currently unclaimed from what I understand, and could use someone with a vested interest in protecting it and allied with the garou."

Monica nods to Salem's observation, but nonetheless-- To Thane, she says, "That Alicia's suggestion to consult a higher-ranking Ragabash is a more than suitable alternative."

Pack> Three From Ashes's immediate response is surprise, followed by feelings of decided conflict. She doesn't say anything immediately.

Karin moves forward after Monica, projecting her voice so that those assembled, even on the outskirts, can more easily hear. "For those of you who may have met me only in passing at the battle for the tower or to reclaim Edgewood, my name is Karin Alexander, rited as Avenges-the-Past here at this sept when it was still the Hidden Walk in service to Fog, and lost in the Umbra not long thereafter. I am a daughter of Pegasus and Moon-Dancer, and I have come home. Just as my sister aims to step forward in service to our tribe and sept, so too do I. With Charlene absent and unable to fulfill her duties as Groundskeeper -- and our need for someone filling the role dire, given the state of Edgewood -- I step forward before you all to announce my claim."

Giving a nod of her head here and there as she listens, Guards The Flame gives a grunt of approval at both Monica and Karin. She flicks her ears towards the rest of the Sept, curious of reactions. ~I think it is a fine idea. No challenge from me in regards to Groundskeeper. As someone who held the position as a cliath, I understand it is a position of growth. Karin also has a lot of experience working with the spirits during her time in the umbra and I trust she will please the spirits of our great Caern as well.~

Ghost looks toward Monica, then Karin. After a few moments she seems to notice Nolan's attention, because only then does she look his way. Nothing in her expression--or lack thereof--changes.

Consumes-Shadows gives a sharp nod of his head as he listens to the words of Salem and then the challenge also issues by Karin. ~Then welcome to the eldership, Hides-In-Whisper, and to our new Keeper of the Land, Avenges-the-Past. Let it be known that should any dispute their claims, it should be voiced by the full moon. Perhaps soon it will be time to assemble the sept elders to moot to discuss the direction of the sept next. Perhaps, as your first duty and a stepping stone to Fostern, you would like to see it assembled.~ This said to Monica.

Pack> Slug pages: Mmmm... not unreasonable, but someone will probably be there to check on it now and then. People will be interested, and if anything happens to it under your guard, or if something goes wrong, it will be your ass on the line. You've done a lot, but Garou are Garou. I would be careful in how you asked, and what you're implying in asking." He considers Kavi's confusion a short while, a touch of uncertainty creeping in through his side of things.

Pack> Three From Ashes says, eventually, "I think if you want to make that proposal, you should make it, but that we should talk about it afterward, whatever the response you get."

"Thank you, rhya," Monica says, affording Thane a nod, Karin a brief look, and perhaps the hint of a congratulatory smile, though it fades quickly. More meant for her tribemate than for herself, it seems. "I'll see to coordinating the assembly. In the meantime, if there's any way the Furies can assist, you know where to find me."

Slug draws in a great breath and heaves it out, the lip of his hood fluttering. He manages a smile that is all pointed teeth and tips his head, bowing slightly in Karin's drection. A few other unfamiliar faces get a curious look, but he doesn't linger.

Pack> Salem mutters something about needing a goddamn cigarette and a stiff drink.

Briari pushes herself upwards to her feet and clears her throat. "With Charlene taking off and .. ah .. the rest of my packmates .. kinda .. inactive for the most part, I have made my peace with Paumy and have said my good-byes to her this morning, even though it breaks my heart and pains me. Our pack has not had a goal or direction in so long and I feel that this is a good point in my life to .. find new growth." Her jaw shifts slightly. "So, I am humbly throwing my name out there, if anyone will find value in me as a packmate. I bring a lot to the table in regards to my skill-set and I want to contribute as much as I can. I don't want to be packless for long." Her foot stubs the ground a few times, then takes a seat.

Pack> Kavi's end of the link flickers with a moment of tension, and then relaxes again.

Ghost's attention flickers over to Briari as she speaks, and then away when she finishes.

Nolan gives Ghost the slightest of nods when she looks his way. He, too, looks to Briari, the corner of his lip curling upward at some unspoken thought.

Karin touches her hand to her chest and inclines her head in acknowledgement of Slug's gesture, then listens politely as Briari speaks.

Consumes-Shadows gives a nod of his head. ~No Garou should remain packless for long. I had requested some time ago all without should join with one or make a new one. Good luck in your search.~ He looks back over the gathering. ~Is there any other business?~

Ghost's lips twist at this. It doesn't look quite sour--it doesn't look quite like anything specific--but it's a reaction.

He's been silent for nearly the entire moot, but now Brings-the-Pack moves from sitting on his haunches to standing on the tree limb above as the cougar notes a break in the announcements. The enigmatic cougar-mage prepares to address the gathering of garou below him. "I realize this is an unconventional request, as I am not a garou, but I would like to respectfully petition the sept to be allowed to claim a territory--and to have that claim acknowledged in return. Specifically, I wish to claim the Earthen Bowl deep in the forest to the southeast of here. It is a place of power. It is, to my knowledge, currently devoid of protection by any one pack or any one garou. Grant me this small piece of territory and honor my privacy there, and I will be liberal in granting access to garou who ask to enter whenever possible--all while serving as its protector. I have a lengthy history of aiding the garou and protecting places of power, including, more recently, over the past few years, offering to protect the caern itself. Hopefully, if the sept is willing to accept my aid in defending the caern, surely the sept can allow me to protect one of the nearby undefended glades in exchange for some space and a measure of privacy?"

Pack> Three From Ashes can't quite hide her uneasiness as the request is actually made, though she does try to tamp it down a little.

The force of a thousand questions is immediately visible on Nolan's face, and perhaps only the fact that there are so very many keeps him from voicing any, immediately. He looks from the cougar above to the others, open curiosity in his features.

Salem lowers his head and rubs at his forehead with his fingertips.

Guards-The-Flame shifts her jaw in thought as she weighs the Mage-cat's inquiry, then speaks up, at least for herself. "I don't see a problem with it. You have proven to be a great ally and friend to our Sept. I would like to have us continue to have your friendship and aid in the future and as long as your work does not interfere with the Caern's power, I do not see why you can't have your own abode to practice and live in peace."

Three From Ashes doesn't seem to have an immediate response, but it's clear as her ears push up that she's paying careful attention to the responses that do come.

Consumes-Shadows lifts his eyes up to regard Brings-the-Pack, eyes narrowing but only the one eye focusing. ~Not just unusual. Unprecedented. Ally you are, yes, but to permit a mage to claim part of a sept's holding - even unused - is something that needs to be weighed carefully.~ He looks aside to Guards-the-Flame as she speaks and then looks to the sept's beta. ~I think it might best be discussed at the elder moot, so that all of the sept leaders can speak freely since not all are here.~

Pack> Three From Ashes pages: Christ, it's like she didn't even pay attention to what you asked."

~Yes,~ Three From Ashes says, in a rather clipped tone. ~Best for everyone to discuss it. There are spiritual considerations to make as well.~

Brings-the-Pack responds to the sept Alpha. "That seems a wise course of action. Should any elder need to speak with me, I will make an effort to visit the caern at least every other day shortly after the sun sets."

Nolan looks decidedly interested as he follows the conversation.

Frederick watches Brings-the-Pack quietly. But doesn't say anything, his body language speaks volumes, though, and it doesn't look like he is too fond of the idea.

Ghost peels away from her chosen tree, and heads off, without a single glance backwards.

Slug listens to their feline friend, considering, absentmindedly scratching at the scars on his face. He waits until after Consumes-Shadows has offered his opinion before adding anything himself. "There are allies to the Sept, such as Memory, who... own parts of our territory. But I agree that it should be talked about, and that maybe you should be there at the Elder Moot to answer questions that might be asked."

Pack> Slug adds, ever-so-helpfully, "I'm an Elder." Then there's a beat or two. "And that makes me an official of this Sept, and I expect to be officially bribed.

Nolan watches Ghost leave, clearly conflicted, but after a few seconds' indecision, he stays put, eyes returning to the cougar.

Salem leans slightly toward Three From Ashes, not quite touching her. He still looks grouchy as hell, but now with a side dish of weary.

Pack> Salem manages a little mental 'heh'.

Three From Ashes looks up at Brings-the-Pack, and gives him a nod that looks out of place in this form. She also flicks an ear towards Salem, and if anything, settles more solidly. ~Then we'll get that Elder's Moot going soon. Does anyone else have any business?~

Ghost steps into the forest.
Ghost has left.

"None," Monica says. "I think that covers it on my end."

Pack> Brings-the-Pack: "Not being a street pancake isn't bribing enough?" There's humor there, then seriousness. "I suspect Alicia feels she owes me a substantial favor and would back most anything I said so long as it seemed reasonable at first blush. That or she's hoping for favors in the future. Hopefully what I am asking is reasonable. Unusual, certainly. But reasonable enough. I've owned property on the bawn before as well. No one noticed." A beat. "Sorry for the intrusion. Do you need--or want--me to hang up?"

"I have one more thing," Nolan says, stepping forward again.

Pack> Three From Ashes: ~My money is on favors. It's what she said and she's rarely subtle.~ A beat. ~This is...slightly different than property. But we can talk about that. I don't personally need you to go, but do you have a way of...knocking? In future, so we know you're coming in before you do?~

Three From Ashes turns her head toward Nolan.

Monica quirks a brow.

Nolan reaches up to brush damp hair from his face, again. "The rock, I mentioned before. Thane told me I couldn't go find it before the Tower, but that's done, now. It's time to talk to the rock. We need significant strength to wake it up, so the mountain said, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. Anyone who wants to come with me, as soon as the moon's a little brighter, I'm heading out. If I have to do it myself, I'll find a way, but it'd be great if there are some people willing to help."

~I know the rite,~ Three From Ashes says. ~But bodies will definitely be at a premium.~ She glances toward the direction that Thane departed, then looks back, ears pushing forward. ~This...rock has to do with Hanford, right? I don't think this should be a matter of volunteers if the Caern is at risk. Do any of you?~ The question, which she clearly directs at the others, is very pointed.

Frederick watches Nolan and tilts his head slightly. "A rock? Care to tell us what's special about the pebble?"

Pack> Slug smirks, which comes across the mental link as a vaguely pleased feeling of approximate smugness. "I would be happy to help you myself, sometime less... ah, growly.

"The world eats bodies," Monica says blandly. Then, "Besids, it seems to me we've got two choices: either we throw some people at it, and have a greater chance at success, or - so far as it's been described to me - we don't, and potentially get swallowed up by ancient, apocalyptic forces. I'll leave it to you to decide which option takes priority. That said-- the topic isn't exactly celebratory."

Salem's narrow shoulders rise and fall. "I'm willing, regardless," he says tiredly. "Excuse me." He touches Mouse lightly on the shoulder and then turns to head out.

"We should get together when things are less..." he makes a gesture at the assembled Garou. "Lay out a plan, what we're aiming to do, and then how to do it. If the spiritual people agree, and it makes sense, I'll be happy to help. I'll be around." He waves two fingers at Nolan, and smiles at the others of passsing familiarity, and bows out into the caves.


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