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It is currently 13:12 Pacific Time on Sun Feb 26 2017.

Currently in Saint Claire, it is a cloudy day. The temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the south at 3 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.68 and rising, and the relative humidity is 89 percent. The dewpoint is 37 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius.) For more detail, see: http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=98501

Currently the moon is in the waxing New (Ragabash) Moon phase (3% full).

Bawn: The Sept Compound(#2075RAM)

Sweeping branches of evergreen pines form a sort of natural roof overshadowing most of this clearing. In the center is a fire pit with several old logs polished from use for seats. A separate stack of firewood is discreetly piled up at the base of an old spruce, protected from the damp by a tarp. At the edge of the clearing and extending back a bit into the woods resides a rough wooden structure with a slate tile roof. A stone slab rests off to one side of the clearing in a place of some prominence. Nestled in among the pines are a few hardy perennials--red alder, quaking aspen, and a big leaf maple or two--that, come spring, will create a profusion of color in the clearing.

(+view works here)

A faint trail leads off to the east, and a bit north.

New year, slightly different procedure. The informal moots have merged into an assembly, though the process itself seems no different as a whole. The sept compound is as it always is, clear for the Garou and others to gather with a fire to ward off the late winter chill. Spring isn't all that far, though. A few springs of greenery are popping up in the woods where they weren't before. Thane's there, stacking some more wood on the fire.

Salem slouches into the compound and parks himself against one of the bordering trees, hands tucked into the pockets of his hooded sweatshirt. His expression is moody and withdrawn.

Next to Thane stands Alicia, who is currently setting up some gallons filled with water for those who may become thirsty throughout moot. Dressed in a pair of loose fitted jeans and a heavy sweater, she looks perky as always as she puts a fourth jug down.

Snakepatcher paces informally into the informal moot. His coat's soaked through from a rain earlier in the day; his paws muddy from a long run in woods going through the midwinter cycles of freeze and thaw.

At least one of the new arrivals to the sept, Sandra, has been here for some time, it seems, standing none too far from Thane and Alicia, and occasionally helping out where need be. As people begin to filter in, she'll pause to get a good look at the lot of them, offering nods when each brief period of study is acknowledge, but little else for now.

Standing at 6', possessing a sturdy frame and a no-nonsense stare, this woman (visibly in her mid-to-late-30's) has a hardened edge to her that comes through in everything from her gait to her posture. Though not what one would call exceptionally attractive, she's easy on the eyes, her angular facial features defined and distinguished. Her hair, cropped short and parted to one side, is light blonde, the style sensible and easy to manage, the shade offering complement to blue eyes.

Her attire can be described in much the same way: sensible. A pair of charcoal khakis, a buttoned down dress shirt, and a pair of black, conservative heels. Her overall build is deceptively slender, visible, compact, and well-defined musculature blending pleasantly (but not altogether seamlessly) with feminine curvature. Indeed, there are only nods to femininity here and there, little touches such as makeup, but it's minimal: a hint of eyeliner, perhaps some lipstick, and not much else.

(OOC counts-for-looks-only Note: Pure Breed 3, Get of Fenris)

Karin arrives as a wolf, given the distance from here to the Fury House, but she resumes her birth form on arrival, glancing around at those assembled as she silently takes her place, pulling her cloak closed against the chill in the air.

Monica isn't far behind the Galliard, trotting along at a brisk pace until she gets near the clearing, at which point she, too, assumes her homid form, stepping in closer to the fire in spite of a fairly decent coat pulled over her shoulders. May not be exceedingly cold, at the moment, but the humidity makes up for that.

Felix strolls in looking slightly distracted, if cheerful enough, and takes a glance around. There's a quick grin and light chin-lifts of greeting for just about everyone, along with a mildly curious, but friendly, look for anyone he hasn't yet met. He picks a spot by the firepit and sprawls there, looking far more comfortable than he has any excuse to.

Jamethon comes in to the compound from the direction of the Caern, his normally open leather jacket sealed closed against the chill. He brings with him to this informal event, some kind of homebrew with one of those large swing-top resealable bottles. He nods to various and sundry folk upon his arrival, and moves somewhat closer to the fire without crowding in on it. Finally he regards Alicia then Thane with a more thoughtful and deep nod of respect.

Amongst the gathered is Dakota. The Rite Mistress comes in and settles down near Jamethon once she's spotted him and offered her fellow Theurge a warm grin. A quick grin or wave is offered otherwise as needed, but she's being quiet.

Thane straightens himself up once the fire's rekindled and putting off a fresh wave of heat. "Hello, everyone." He says to the gathered Garou as they all filter in. "There's not a great deal on the agenda, but we do have some new faces among us. So those Garou are invited to step forward and let yourselves be known."

Jamethon glances over at Dakota, and with a deft maneuver pops the cork on the bottle he brought and takes a swig. He offers the bottle over to the fellow Theurge and his one-time student.

Nolan slips in near the back, just close enough to hear and observe, leaning one shoulder against the damp trunk of a tree.

Alicia gives a nod of her head to James and Dakota, followed by a smile towards Karin as she motions for her to join them.

Sandra is the first to step forward, affording the crowd as a whole an acknowledging nod, and speaking in a tone that suggests someone for whom formality comes easily. "Sandra Ulrich, Brings-Winter's Bite," she says simply, the surname giving some credence to an appearance suited for a Get. No matter that, "Fostern Philodox, Shadow Lords," is what follows. "I've only had the opportunity to meet some of you since my arrival, but I hope to change that in the coming months."

Salem's nose wrinkles at the introduction. He folds his arms across his chest, looking if anything even more sullen than earlier.

Jamethon quirks an eyebrow at Sandra once her tribe is mentioned. He then takes a moment to look around with a search expression that seems to ask if anyone else is seeing and hearing this.

Nolan's expression seems to indicate curiosity and, perhaps, skepticism, but he doesn't speak up or move from his spot by the tree.

Felix tilts his head slightly at the introduction, apparently also finding the mismatch between appearances and tribe interesting. Still, she's hardly the only one around here with that sort of thing going on, so she just gets a bit more of a grin.

"Welcome Sandra! I am sure that you will fit in well enough. We're happy to have you here to help make us stronger." Alicia says cheerily to the new face. "If there is anything you need to help you get settled better, do not be afraid to ask."

The Glass Walker's reaction doesn't go unnoticed, Sandra's gaze flitting to him momentarily, though neither, really, does Jamethon's. The woman is nothing if not observant, it seems, though she has no overt reaction to either, save the acknowledging glances. Affording a nod to Alicia, she says, "I've everything I need at the moment, thank you. And thank you for the warm greeting, of course." A pause. "That said, I plan to be something of a--" she considers her wording, "regular fixture around the sept as a whole, so I plan to make myself available to offer assistance, where able." With that said, she she yields the floor, as it were, to whomever else is inclined to come forward.

Dakota takes up the offered drink, though the swig she takes sticks just a little as Sandra gives her introduction. She's not so overt in her incredulousness, though she does shoot a quick glance aside to the Get next to her before looking back to Sandra, then to Thane and Salem and then back to Sandra. Only then does she swallow and passes the beverage back. All the same, she offered a quick smile of welcome to the Fostern in question.

Thane doesn't show any measure of surprise at the introduction, but that's probably expected. He just gives Sandra a nod of approval and looks over the reactions of the sept with an equally unsurprised and level sort of observation.

Near the edge of the gathering is a woman possibly unfamiliar to many, watching the first introduction with observant eyes. When it comes time, Yael steps forward, and looks around, and then offers her introduction. "Some of you may have met me already," she says, "and others I have yet to meet. I am Shai-Nefer, also known as Yael Lender. I am Gathers-Strength-to-the-Trials and adren half-moon of the Silent Striders, of the septs of Qal'at al-Subeiba in Israel and of Wheel of P'tah, and member of the Ahadi as well." The woman pauses to take a breath, and then finishes. "While I am in town, I am staying at the Greek House with the hospitality of the Black Furies," she nods in that direction, "but messages can be left for me at the common safehouse as well. While I am in town I am looking to both teach and learn, so please do find me, and let's talk." There is a final nod, and she steps back again to her place near the edge.

Snakepatcher studies the Garou making their presentations as though he's expecting to have to pick them out of a lineup at a later time.

Brings-the-Pack picks his way quietly out of the woods, conveniently in a spot without any garou too close nearby, and settles back onto his haunches to observe the proceedings.

Karin listens to Sandra's introduction, showing a bit of surprise when she introduces herself as a Shadow Lord, but not appearing particularly bothered by the revelation. Yael's introduction carries no such surprises, in no small part because they're currently housemates.

Salem raises an eyebrow at 'Ahadi'.

Nolan looks from Yael to the alpha, guaging the Shadow Lord's reaction to the introduction.

Jamethon does in the end give Sandra a slight nod. Then when the Strider reveals her affiliations he seems to be unable to fight giving a slight, well held-in, chuckle. He nods a bit more enthusiastically now in welcoming and glances around for any others.

"Welcome as well!" Alicia calls over to the Silent Strider, giving her the same warm and fuzzy greeting that she did to Sandra. Uncapping one of the gallons of water she brought, she fills a thermos, then takes a sip. Any other questions she may have for her will most likely end up in private.

The Strider gets a welcoming grin from Felix as well, and some curiosity in that look too.

"Yael made her introductions to me prior." Thane says as the Strider takes her place. "I came to hear of the Ahadi while I was in Europe. For those unaware, they are a group of Fera and some Garou who call Africa home that work together. I'll leave Yael to field any specific questions on it. But, as a sept of Balance and with a unique relationship with those who are not Garou," A look, then, to Brings-the-Pack in acknowledgement. "Perhaps we may find some common ground with the Ahadi. Certainly, if nothing else, a chance to learn about one another."

The newly arrived cougar looks around at all the individuals mostly looking around, which leads to him canting an ear back in mild confusion. Apparently, it pays to show up on time. And he did not. Then Thane speaks, and offers a nod of acknowledgement, and the cougar-mage returns said nod in a distinctly non-cougarly gesture.

Sandra, for her part, doesn't add in the unspoken chorus of curiosity, opting instead to incline her head at Jamethon's grudging nod - some acknowledgement, at least, that she's not blind to the gravity of what she's put out there - and then offer a nod to Yael, in a fashion that has some familiarity to it. Brings-the-Pack is the next focus of her own attention, though the look on her face suggests that she was at least told to anticipate his arrival, the cougar afforded rather lengthy study without any real attempt to hide that fact.

Jamethon steps in closer to the fire at this point with a glance to the Alpha and then towards the cougar. "I have had the meeting with Brings-The-Pack that I required to further acknowledge his claim. It went well and the Warper has my support in his endeavors to serve this Caern and protect his territory. He has acknowledged his differences and willingness to do his best to accept our customs and traditions, as far as he is able." He glances over to Yael and with a grin offers and a humored but still gruff voice adds, "Seem to have our very own little Ahadi growing here as well."

"Good." Thane says towards Jamethon before adding. "And to assure the sept, I have spoken with him as well and, as agreed, he let me know his identity." To the mage then he looks, "Have you been settling in alright? Anything else you require from the sept?"

Brings-the-Pack responds to Thane initially, but as he continues speaking he seems to later be addressing those gathered this evening. "I believe I have settled in, for the most part, though I need to interact more with some of the spirits and learn the spiritual lay of the land more. If it would not be an imposition, and it would not derail any of the sept's or the garou's customs, I would invite you all to hold your new moon moot in my territory--too help reassure those who may possess lingering doubts and to demonstrate that I will allow access to the territory when there is a need for it."

Monica, for her part, is largely quiet on this front, glancing to Karin for all of a moment or two. There's no real animosity coming from her, nor the flash of irritation that occurred last moot, though that might be a case of 'wasted energy' getting mad about something that's already been mentioned, rather than any resolution having been made.

Karin glances back at Brings-the-Pack, regarding him with some curiosity at the offer. Monica's own glance is met with the barest of shrugs.

Thane holds his hands out to his side to gesture to the gathering. "These assemblies are hardly tradition. But, you bring up a good point - if maybe not intended. Should any tribe wish to host an assembly, they're welcome to. As to your offer, Brings-the-Pack, I see no reason why it can't be done. Just be sure we're aware of any rules ahead of time."

Brings-the-Pack inclines his head in acknowledgement of the sept's leader's words.

Jamethon steps back from the fire and takes another swig from his bottle as the conversation based on his announcement seems to come to a close.

"Excellent." Thane remarks before looking back to the Garou. "Does anyone else have anything to address?"

At the invitation, Dakota clears her throat quietly. "More just a general announcement. I'm hoping here within the next month's time, two at most, to assemble a new pack together. One to assist the sept as a source of knowledge and experience, to help watch over Edgewood and provide guidance and help how we can. As some of us are well bound to the caern's needs," A look to both Alicia and Jamethon. "We can't be as flexible as other packs. But we know this sept and have a wealth of ways in which we can support our other packs, be it in matters of wisdom or war, and to spend our time working to strengthen and teach the sept. So if there are others who may be interested then let me know."

Alicia gives a nod of her head to Brings The Pack with a smile, then looks over to Thane for a few moments. "I'm also looking to arrange some extra patrols to support the guardians. If anyone is wishing to help me out as well, that would be awesome. Easy honor and a good way to learn the lay of the land and come up with new ways to protect our borders for the next big attack."

Salem shifts his weight a little and speaks up. "I'm up for patrol duties," he says with a bit of a one-shoulder shrug.

Sandra's own curiosity seems piqued by the offer made, her gaze shifting briefly back to Thane as he speaks, in turn, though it's short-lived. That she shows no overt to this talk of territory gives a solid impression that this, too, she's been prepped for. Her attention shifts when the topic does, and to Alicia, she says, "I'd be willing to take part in regular patrols. As I said, I'll be here at the sept more often than not, and I'd prefer to put that time to good use."

Nolan pushes off from his tree and offers a lazy salute. "You'll find me walking the grounds most days. If you want to make that an official patrol, count me in."

Jamethon gives a slight huff and looks up to Alicia, "You know where to find me." Then to Dakota, the large Fenrir offers a kind bump with his shoulder and a strong single nod.

"Good. I tend to hit the trails at six in the morning most days. I hope you all like getting up nice and early." Alicia says with a salute across the brow.

Thane gives a nod of approval to Alicia. "Good. I suppose then it's a good time to bring up that I would like to see a new Guardian pack formed soon. My own didn't start out for that purpose and while they served without question it's time to see our war pack freed up. Until then, we'll serve as we have been."

(There was more conversation IC, very likely, but at this point the main business was over, and Salem departed.)


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